A Foundation With Purpose

A public 501c3 non-profit foundation for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes for the advancement of innovations and the distribution of wireless products, services, and assisting anyone who is chronically challenged or afflicted with a disability or personal condition that presents a need for financial assistance in the USA.

Sponsorships for HomeCare GateMaster

How does this work?

The following home care specific Apps are being offered as a type of “medical safety net”  for home centered health care clients and the professionals who server them daily.

Parcel Buddy™ – FREE DOWNLOAD

RN CareTrac™

My Angel 911™



The Apps are fully integrated and are available for only $29.95 per month, or $1.00 per day.  This also includes support and limited training.

If you have a need for some financial assistance on purchasing the entire suite of 4 Apps please complete the registration form.  Your Sponsorship group can donate directly for you on our web site and you can have your own personal  account credited.

DODD of Ohio

If you are connected and affiliated with your Ohio local County Board, your SSA can assist you with the approval for a 100% reimbursement for all four Apps.  See: http://www.oacbdd.org